Why Buy

Why Buy from Royal Tease Clothing?

Royal Tease Clothing is always striving to provide fun, comfortable, and quality clothing. We focus on great designs and creative angles to stand out from the crowd. We have been in the industry since 2008, during this time we have experimented with different printing techniques and garments. Currently we are offering what we believe to be the best value for our customers. We would like to explain why we do what we do, the creative process, our standards, as well as brands we have collaborated with.



Provide comfortable confidence-boosting apparel.

Royal Tease Clothing has always been about finding the coolest designs. Creating looks with one of a kind of styles that grab people’s attention. To make them say “Where did you get that?”

Royal Tease Clothing started because our founder was looking to create clothing for himself. Shopping around the city of Montreal in 2008 didn’t present a lot of variety. Shopping online was not a common thing. Going from store to store hoping to find something special, unique, and uncommon was a daunting task.

Originally, the first shirts created were drawn by hand using supplies from the dollar store. Evolving to printing images on to transfer paper and ironing them onto shirts, then to upgrading to a vinyl cutting machine with a heat press. Royal Tease Clothing was producing garments in a screen printing shop in Montreal. Today, we are working with multiple distribution locations giving us the freedom to work remotely.

Royal Tease Clothing has taken lots of influence from personal taste and high-end luxury brands.  Many of the original designs were playful and childish, inspired by art projects conducted in school. The Montreal scene and nightlife opened many doors to collaborating with events and artist. After working with an artist from Japan, we have been able to build collections based around a theme. Working with themes has allowed us to expand our knowledge on various sports, animals, cities and more.

The most rewarding part of our business is the excitement and joy customers feel when wearing our clothing. Royal Tease Clothing has been increasing enthusiasm and confidence since day one.


Our name Royal Tease Clothing

Everyone ask us why is our company called Royal Tease Clothing. We chose royal to include the level of prestige that comes with purchasing from our company. Royal is also indicating that our items are meant for an elitist class.  Tease is playful and seductive. A tongue in cheek rhetoric rather than sticking with the obvious “tees”. Royal Tease effectively describes the emotional journey our customers go through; from the anticipation and eagerness to receive our products, to satiating their desires, is best explained with “Royal Tease”.

Purchasing from Royal Tease Clothing is like joining part of the royal family. We design our pieces with this idea in mind, for the consumers to know that they are members of something special. This feeling can’t be explained, it can only be experienced. Royalty is embedded in our brand.

Lastly, royalties explains our openness to work with others. We work with other brands, artists and designers. Commissions and royalties are paid out for every sale. We love to help and give a platform to those who need support.



Currently we have been using Direct-to-Garment printing. The advantage to using Direct-to-Garment printing is unlimited colours. This has given us the opportunity to create vibrant designs. We are also able to easily create gradients. Gradients are wonderful for blending colours and creating shading. The most amazing application for Direct-to-Garment is the ability to print photos or realistic images.

Direct-to-Garment printing is printed on demand. Once an order is placed, we select the garment and add the design. This process can take a few days depending on the availability of the garment selected. Thanks to this process we are able to offer a larger variety of colours and sizes. Finally we are always able to fulfill most orders without running out of inventory..



Everyone wants a unique design that isn’t mass produced for everyone. We are always trying to think outside the box. Creating new collections around a theme and providing a variety of garments. We spend time researching comparable designs on the market and find ways to improve them. Our creative designers spend hours thinking of new ideas for images, punch-lines, compositions- every design is carefully thought out before being presented for sale. We test different colors and create mock-ups to explore size and placement. All of our designs are based around our personal taste; we love what we create and are happy to present it to you.



Shipping has always been difficult. Most of our clients live in Canada. Shipping in Canada is much more expensive compared to the US. Thankfully we have been able to automate shipping with our online store.

Understandably, everyone’s personal standard for next day shipping has created an unrealistic expectation for small businesses. Luckily, we have wonderful customers who understand that shipping takes time. We thank you so much for your patience.

You can read our full shipping policy here.



Yes! We can customize your order and create custom designs for you. If you have an image or design you would like to incorporate on a t-shirt or a hoodie please contact us.

We can apply designs to the front and back of items and in some cases to the sleeves. Custom printing has been a huge part of our business and continues to be moving forward.

When it comes to providing us with your images, a high resolution image is ideal. If you do not have a high resolution image we are skilled in recreating the image to be very similar to the original.

We have worked with many businesses, non-profits, artist and individuals. With years of experience we have come across all kinds of requests. We take great pleasure in helping you create your vision and in some cases improving upon it. You can see all of our previous creations on our Instagram.


Collaborating Brands

Over the years we have collaborated with many artists, individuals and brands. Currently we are working with Reggae for Life, Wadada and Taylr’d Beatuy.


Reggae for Life is a brand started by JuLion. He is based in Toronto and wanted to allow his products to be sold worldwide. We are always trying to provide new products and variants to keep the brand growing. You can view more about Reggae for Life on his website here. Canadianreggaeworld.com


Wadada is a brand that we have recently started working with. It is also aligned with the reggae community. Their designs are versatile and cater to a broad audience. Wadada is an Amharic word which means LOVE. It can also be used as a greeting such as “Hello” or “Goodbye”. You can explore the full collection here.


Taylr’d Beauty - Official Apparel is Taylr’s brand. She has become a popular make-up artist in Montreal. With years of experience and thousands of designs under her belt, Taylr has been able to stand out. We created this collection to allow her to share her apparel with her supporters. Having merchandise is a great way to promote yourself and your brand.

If you would like to join the Royal Tease Clothing branding team, please reach out to us. We are always open to new ideas and collaborating, here you can find all the ways to contact us.



Royal Tease Clothing is striving to be the best. Everything we do is thought out and we put lots of time and energy into it. We have the customer experience in the forefront of our decisions. You are appreciated and thought of throughout the whole process. We use our own personal experience to guide you. You will continue to want to come back. Customers feel excited about their time interacting with our brand. We want to offer more than outstanding designs, quality printing and comfortable garments. This unique experience is what we want to continue to evolve and improve as we grow.